Discover the Visual & Functional Benefits of Glass Balustrade Systems

One advantage of having Glass balustrade systems in your home or commercial place is that it helps in keeping your building safe. Accidents like falling off balconies or stairs can also be prevented with semi framed, framed or frameless balustrade systems.

It goes without saying that staircase railings or balustrade fence, or glass balustrade systems are an important part of a building’s architecture. It is not only good for home or commercial building in terms of aesthetic but also good for protection as described.

Actually this architectural element is widely used in restaurants, schools, museums, and other places you might find flights of stairs or terraces as well.


Framed or Frameless Glass Balustrade Systems: Attractive & Safe

When you are planning to install a fence or guarding your house or office, glass balustrade systems could be your choice. Yes, updating this part of a domestic or commercial house is also a popular project amongst homeowners, due to the reason, these days many people in New Zealand have taken to renovating their balustrades fence at home or office, or other commercial places with stronger or more stylish materials.

You may like fence remodelling with aluminium, framed glass, frameless glass, semi frameless glass, or you may like to install Euro fin balustrade. Let’s discuss the good reasons, why you should do it. In New Zealand, when people talk about the advantages of installing glass balustrade system, the top of the list is that a glass balustrade is secure and stylish.

Visual & Functional Benefits of Glass Balustrades

Visual benefits of glass balustrades are many. It looks modern. It has stylistic versatility. It gives you illusion of space and increase lighting. On the other hand, the functional benefits of glass balustrade systems can’t also be denied. It is easy to install, easy to maintain and clean. It is safe and eco-friendly.

The best thing is you can choose transparent or semi transparent glass. Moreover, glass panels or balustrade systems are made from thick layers of high-quality glass, semi framed or framed that is treated to be super-tough. These types of high quality balustrade systems are no doubt impossible to break.

There are a few people in New Zealand, who think of installing glass balustrades is risky. The reality is completely different that the technology enables you to make glass panels are safe and as strong as steel. The next best thing is – glass is 100% recyclable, where glass balustrade systems can’t emit any harmful substances over time.


Let us close by saying, it’s not only the visual and functional benefits of glass balustrade systems for which you should choose it but also the robust and stability you should judge. These are two most important reasons for which balustrade systems are the great choice for all types of houses, including commercial buildings in New Zealand.

If you are looking for high quality affordable glass balustrade systems in New Zealand, then look no further than PROVISTA BALUSTRADE SYSTEMS. It is New Zealand’s largest independent balustrade as well as pool fencing specialist offers high quality framed, semi framed or frameless balustrade systems at best prices in the market that you can’t find elsewhere. If you are planning to remodel your home or pool fence, Provista Balustrade Systems is second to none!

Add Protection & Value to Your Pool with Pool Fencing Installations NZ

Why do you think of your pool safety? Why should you think you need to hire pool fencing installations NZ? The answers are pretty simple! A backyard pool affords your own little slice of paradise sans having to leave the house. Isn’t it? Oh, yes, it is!

Finding fun at home is more important these days, especially when you are with your family or friends, or you have thrown a party beside your pool. You have picked out the pool design, and have decided on fresh or saltwater, as well as begun shopping for water toys.

Now, what’s next? Installation a pool safety fence has many different benefits – most of which can protect the safety of you and your loved ones.

Keeps Your Kids Safe & Protects Pets

When you are not actively monitoring your kids on the pool side, the last thing you want is to risk them wandering too close as well as falling in. A reliable source said that drowning is the leading cause of death for children between the age group of 3 to 14, and actively advised using pool fence around the backyard swimming pool(s).

Another important aspects for which you need to consider pool fencing is – your pets may wander too close to the water, if left unfenced, can do the same. Therefore, pool fencing installations NZ will keep your children and pets safe – particularly those who do not know swimming.

Adds Design Aesthetic

Not only is a pool safety fence function but also important. It adds a touch of elegance and class, which will improve the aesthetic of your home. With a variety of materials and styles available, any backyard fence adds visual appeal, but a fence around your pool gives it that added truly aesthetic upgrade.

Pool Fencing Gives Your Peace of Mind

When you are not in home, you do not want to have to worry or think about your children or pets, because your pool without fence could be a potential hazard. Installing pool fence provides you the peace of mind of knowing that your property is secure – in more ways than one.

What Makes PROVISTA – Pool fencing installations NZ Apart?

If you have already decided to fence on your pool, then the next very important step is to consider hiring a veteran pool fencing expert, and for that matter, PROVISTA Balustrade Systems is second to none!

One note of caution – do your search on the lawns in your local area. In most cases, a pool fence is needed by laws in your country, local ordinances and or insurance companies. You, as a home owner should be aware of these local regulations.

At PROVISTA Balustrade Systems, you will get free estimates for pool and other fencing in a variety of settings – including framed, frameless, and semi-frameless, aluminium balustrade and more. Get in touch with Provista today and make your pool family secure.

PROVISTA is the New Zealand’s largest and independent balustrade as well as pool fencing specialist serving many regions across NZ, and their quality solutions meet or exceed New Zealand building and safety standards, so you can rest assured to get the quality products at best prices, and keeping the regulations in mind.