Garden Screening with Fence Privacy Screens a Great Option for Guarding & Beautifying

It goes without saying that fence privacy screens are becoming an increasingly popular option these days. Fence privacy screen is used for outdoor areas, pools, and backyards, including garden areas of all shapes and sizes, and good reasons!

Needless to say, spending time in backyard and seeing garden is a well-loved pastime for many people. When it comes to screening garden option, many people have a wide variety of choices. Sometimes, the options might leave you wondering, and one question will come up in your mind – which one should you choose? Now-a-days, fence privacy screens are an affair in almost all homes.


The advantages are many, and this type of privacy fence can give you excellent privacy. Yes, for all homeowners, this type of fence screen is of great importance. Balustrade fence or privacy screen will certainly give your property a look that appeals too many. It is a feature that will enhance your home. Balustrade fence or privacy screen allows more natural light into your rooms giving you a spacious feel in many areas.

Low Maintenance & Easy to Install

Low upkeep and easy to install are two main things for which many people in New Zealand like to install fence privacy screens in their property. If it is made of glass, then glass requires less maintenance than many alternative options.

In actuality, glass balustrade fence privacy screen is weatherproof. It means they can be used indoors as well as outdoors. You can clean them just using soap and water with a soft sponge and rinse down.

Many manufacturing companies design fence systems that can be installed by homeowners also, though better you ask them to install because they are expert in installing the fence privacy screens. They are made as a part of the kit as well. If you follow the instruction, hopefully, you will be able to install them; few people are there who install them at their homes.

Needless to mention, the high quality fence privacy screens are used for homes as well as commercial properties for providing support and security, also metal balustrade fence NZ gives your property a privacy and look. It is also used for the staircase and supporting balconies and other areas.


If you are looking for fence privacy screens in NZ for either inside or outside of your residential or commercial property, one choice is to framed glass fence. They are not only unbelievably attractive but also have a whole host of other benefits.

Your garden will get a good shelter when you guard it with privacy screens. Also, you can protect your garden from all sorts of harmful elements. You can save your plants from harsh wind. Fence privacy screens are perfect windbreaker.

Putting It All Together

You can choose the best screen as possible because there are various styles and designs materials available. You can get many of them if you talk to a professional fencing service like Provista Balustrade Systems. If you are from New Zealand, then you must know the name Provista.

It is a trusted and independent balustrade and pool fencing specialist servicing many regions across New Zealand. Contact Provista Balustrade Systems for Fence Privacy Screens. Look no more!