Protect your home from the hustle and bustle of the outside world with fence privacy screens

Installing Fence privacy screens may seem an unnecessary project to many homeowners, but these screens have a lot to offer, from physically to financially. Privacy fences give security to a home and protect the gardens and backyard from trespassers. It also keeps the neighbours away from getting a sneak peek into your home.

Privacy screens play an important role in giving a modern look to your property and creating a tiny space that you can use to your advantage.

Customers often build outdoor privacy fences to conceal bare areas of their property and protect it from all sorts of harmful elements. Provista Balustrade Systems has been providing several high-quality outdoor fences with a range of colours and styles that can give you and your family the security you are looking for along with an aesthetic appeal to increase your home’s total value.

What materials and designs are available to choose from?

Fence privacy screens can be made from several materials, such as timber, pine, and lattice, but these materials can be damaged by the elements, over a few seasons. Hence, frequent maintenance would be needed- to keep them in check. On the other hand, a professional privacy screen from Provista Balustrade Systems in NZ is engineer-designed and made with industry-leading T6 temper-grade alloy with sturdy, durable non-weld aluminium construction. These aluminium private fences come in many styles and designs and offer a higher life span even in harsh weather conditions.

What are the main advantages of installing Fence privacy screens?

We have listed some of the main advantages that privacy screens can offer you and your home. Read below to find out:

• Creates privacy

As the name suggests, privacy screens are vital in creating privacy especially, when you want to live in peace and harmony. Fortunately, enclosing your backyard space with a privacy screen will help you to protect your children and pets from unwanted elements. Such privacy will allow you to complete all your daily chores without any interruption or peering eyes. These screens are a valuable addition that will ideally suit busy and focused individuals. In fact, such peaceful conditions will give you the wondrous feeling of solitude and segregation from the outside world.

• Sufficient playing area for the children

Everyone knows children are very playful. They can quickly move into dangerous areas without you having any knowledge about it. Therefore, it is essential to keep an eye on them and provide a safe playing area to keep them out of all the risks. This can be accomplished by installing privacy fences that can be used to establish an area that has clear boundaries for a safe playing ground for your children. As a result, you will give maximum protection to your children, protecting them from all possible hazards.

• Protect your home space

No one likes to welcome unwanted guests on their property (unknown humans and animals) that can pose a severe security threat to their family. With an outdoor privacy fence, you will be able to prevent anyone from entering your property without your permission. Also, these privacy screens are a great help in blocking any unpleasant sights that can create visual disturbances for you or your family. No doubt, installing privacy screens will give you a great sense of relief and security.


A privacy screen has a lot to offer, especially if you install it from a trusted and reputed company such as Provista Balustrade Systems. Have them custom-designed to suit your requirements with a wide variety of colours, styles, and sizes to choose from at an affordable price. To learn more about creating Fence privacy screens with low maintenance and never needing painting aluminium, contact Provista Balustrade Systems today.

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